Welcome to Inventica

We are London based bespoke database development specialists that have been in operation since 2005. We provide custom database design, database development, and support services to UK and international clients.

Our customers range from small businesses to large multinational corporations, FTSE companies, government organisations, and everything in between.

Every client is valuable to us. The database systems we develop range from small scale sales and purchase order software to complex enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for the insurance and finance sector.

We can deliver projects of any size and complexity within aggressive timescales and to a sensible budget, without compromising our high standards.

Our reputation is what makes us different from all the other database developers out there.

Our technology

Inventica focuses on database development technologies that are flexible, scalable, and most importantly affordable for any business, regardless of their size. We specialise in:

  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Azure SQL
  • SQL Server reporting services
  • Power Pivot
  • Power BI

Microsoft Access is an ideal database development platform that is loved by millions of users for its simplicity, user-friendliness, and versatility.

Microsoft Office and Microsoft Access are taught in schools and universities across the UK as part of the ICT curriculum and most people become familiar with Access by the time they start their career.

Choosing Microsoft Access has other advantages too:

  1. Developing a custom database in Microsoft Access is quick — Access has a short development cycle.
  2. Many organisations already have Microsoft Office installed so quite often there is no additional software required to install and run your bespoke Access database and no wait for the IT department to roll out new software.
  3. Large organisations can use Access databases and applications to address specific tasks within smaller user groups or departments.

As more challenges arise and businesses outgrow Access their databases can be taken to the next level — Microsoft SQL Server.

Microsoft SQL Server databases are virtually limitless in terms of functionality and flexibility. Bespoke SQL databases can handle hundreds or even thousands of users, store terabytes of data, and remain robust and fault tolerant. This is why Microsoft SQL Server is our preferred database development platform.

Databases designed using SQL Server can be hosted on customer servers or in the cloud using Microsoft Azure SQL. There are many powerful reporting tools such as Tableau, Power Bi, and Power Pivot that integrate with SQL Server databases, enabling users to crunch millions of lines of data in a matter of seconds and visualise the results as intelligent interactive reports.

Our approach

We are passionate about creating smart applications and database systems that are easy to use and which save the end user time, increase business performance, and boost productivity.

Our execution strategy incorporates leveraging a combination of using proven agile methodologies, qualified personnel, and providing a highly responsive approach to managing deliverables.

  • All of our developers are employees with at least 10 years of experience in database development. Every project that we work on is assigned a dedicated project manager who will be responsible for the overall project delivery and will be your main point of contact from the start of the project through to completion.
  • You security is our business. Data anonymising tools allow our customers to create copies of their databases and obscure sensitive data before sending to us which means we never have take a customer’s sensitive data offsite.
  • Our bespoke databases and business applications come with a lifetime code warranty which means we do not charge customers for fixing our own bugs, and is why we vigorously test our software before installing it in the production environment.
  • Finally, we back all this up with a full money back guarantee. We strive to maintain the highest service standards in database development and to ensure 100% satisfaction we offer to all our new customers our full money back guarantee. Should you decide that our software does not meet your business requirements at the first preview stage, you may cancel the order and get your deposit returned in full.

What our customers are saying

Why Inventica?

Agile approach to project management
Experts in Microsoft Access, Excel, and Microsoft SQL Server
Money back guarantee
NO Outsourcing — we carefully vet our developers

Preferred Technology