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Power BI Database Reporting

Power BI Database Reporting
Crunch millions of records in an instant, produce reports that impress, and make sense out of your data. We will help you make reporting a less laborious and time consuming task, saving you hours or even days of your time. We specialise in Power Pivot, Power BI, SQL Server Reporting Service, OLAP Cubes, and Excel.
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Okay, so now you have a perfect database that records all the data required to measure all your business metrics and key performance indicators but how do you collate and present all that information in a meaningful way?

In the past, business users had to log on to their database to create a report, perhaps modify it in Excel to match the latest agreed business format, and then use PowerPoint to present that information to their colleagues.

This is no longer an efficient way to stay ahead of the game in today’s fast paced world.

Reporting is one of the key tools to guide you and your colleagues in understanding whether the business is going in the right direction.

Business decision makers require information to be available in real-time, accessible from anywhere, and from any device. They also want to be able to find the answers they are looking for themselves, quickly, and without requiring technical help.

Power BI from Microsoft provides powerful tools, pre-built dashboards and easy access from desktop and mobile devices. This makes Power BI one of the most popular solutions for database reporting.

With 360-degree visibility across core business metrics and real time updates for up-to-the-minute insight, Power BI business analytics interfaces seamlessly with all of your favourite business apps for big picture thinking and reporting.

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Why Inventica?

When Power BI’s pre-built dashboards don’t exactly fit your needs we can create reports and dashboards that bring together disparate streams of data from multiple databases and web services for joined up data visualisation of what matters most to you.

With automatic data updates built in, our reporting systems ensure that when you share information with other stakeholders they will have the latest data at their fingertips whenever they choose to view it. This means that on-the-spot important decisions can be made safe in the knowledge that the source data is the very latest available.

However your infrastructure is set up, Power BI can slot neatly into place. It can bring together cloud and on premise data, connect with other data sources, SQL Server databases, other apps and reporting services.

Want to find out more about putting Power BI to work as your reporting system? Please give us a call or send us an email to see examples from our portfolio and discuss your options.