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Database Development
We offer a full range of SQL Server database development services, ranging from design and build to reporting and integration. Our expertise is trusted and relied upon by some of the world’s biggest brands but it is still affordable even for smaller organisations.
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Microsoft SQL Server combines scalability, high performance, superior analytics, and advanced security. It’s the perfect database to use with mission critical intelligent apps and online transaction processing (OLTP). It can handle hundreds, even thousands of concurrent users, millions of records, terabytes of data and remain robust and fault tolerant. There is virtually no limit to what you can achieve with a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Microsoft SQL Server comes with a complete set of enterprise-ready technologies and tools which help people derive the most value from their information and by leveraging the benefits of the economies of scale actually lowering the total cost of ownership. Although, it’s generally more complex to design and build than an Access Database our solutions are still affordable for most businesses.

Why choose Microsoft SQL Database Technology?

When new challenges arise or your business needs outgrow the capacity and capability of your existing database for storing, analysing and serving data, it’s time to take your databases to the next level using our technology of choice, Microsoft SQL Server.

Microsoft SQL Server can be hosted on your office server, in a data centre, or in the Cloud using Microsoft Azure. Cloud hosting makes budgeting transparent with no hidden or unexpected costs and can be convenient when serving large teams in different geographical locations.

Microsoft SQL Server works with a number of powerful reporting tools, such as SQL Server Reporting Services, Tableau, Power Bi, and Power Pivot. Fully integrated with SQL Server databases, they give users the computing power to crunch millions of lines of data in a matter of seconds. Data visualisation comes as standard with results displayed as interactive reports in real time and end-to-end mobile business intelligence to empower up to the minute informed decision making.

There is no need for servers or complex networks — An Access Database can run on a Windows based workstation and can be deployed in no time at all.

An SQL Server database can have different user interfaces, developed using technologies such as .NET, C++, PHP, Microsoft Access, Excel, and Java, whatever technology that best meets your needs.

Are you outgrowing your existing Access database? Are your users demanding more features, better reliability and performance, and remote access? Then a Microsoft SQL Server Database is the way forward.

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Why Inventica?

Key benefits of an SQL Server Database:

  • Number one in performance, with massive scalability
  • Highest performing product for data warehousing
  • Highly secure with features such as data encryption and Active Directory authentication. Microsoft SQL Server has been the least vulnerable database for six years running, in the NIST vulnerabilities database
  • Fault tolerant with the ability to replicate mission critical data in real time
  • Opportunities to build and extend applications into the cloud
  • Complete data storage and processing platform for applications of all sizes
  • Easy integration with Microsoft and compatible third party products
  • Advanced analytics
  • Flexible licensing option with SQL Server Express edition available for free

There are virtually no limits to what a Bespoke SQL Database can do for your business. We can take you as far as your imagination and budget can go. Millions of businesses worldwide, ranging from small companies to multinational corporations, rely on Microsoft SQL Server Databases.

Here are just some of the ways corporations around the world benefit from their Microsoft SQL server databases:

  • Microsoft SQL server databases can perform various scheduled tasks automatically, including producing daily reports, sending statements, invoicing customers, and downloading data from other sources.
  • The database can perform complex mathematical calculations, data mining, and analysis
  • You can use it to store and work on terabytes of data
  • SQL databases can be integrated with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook to send and receive emails
  • The databases can encrypt sensitive data, define and enforce permissions, and record changes, with an almost unlimited undo and delete functionality to ensure against data loss.
  • It offers the ability to replicate data in real-time and restore the database to a given point in time
  • Gives users the tools to analyse the contained data using powerful tools, including Microsoft Reporting Services, OLAP Cubes, and PowerPivot
  • It can automatically produce PowerPoint presentations based on the stored data
  • SQL databases integrate with TAPI compatible telephone systems, including Avaya, Cisco, Skype and 3CX
  • The database can print quotes, invoices, and other documents based on standard templates
  • SQL databases can integrate with Sage and QuickBooks to export invoices to other accounting systems
  • Send automatic updates via SMS to customers
  • Users can work with and integrate scanned documents and use barcodes via a webcam or phone

You can access your Microsoft SQL database remotely, over a VPN from your branch office, via web based or mobile applications providing you with the flexibility of both onsite and offsite access.

Inventica Microsoft SQL Server Database Development Services

Inventica offers a wide range SQL database development services based around Microsoft SQL Server, including:

  • SQL Server database consultancy
  • Design and development of new SQL Server Databases (on premises or cloud based)
  • Support for existing SQL Server databases
  • SQL Server database upgrades and migrations
  • Design of high performance and fault tolerant infrastructures based around Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure
  • Disaster recovery planning, backup, and data replication
  • Security and audit trail configuration
  • Integration with third party enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, including SAP and Epicor Vantage
  • OLAP cube based statistics reporting
  • User reports based on SQL Server Reporting Services, Power Pivot/Excel, Power BI, Tableau, and other reporting systems
  • Migration from Microsoft Access

Our technical team has extensive experience in developing Microsoft SQL Server databases for organisations ranging from 15 to 500+ users. If you’re outgrowing your existing Access database or just looking for the best, get in touch now to find out more about Microsoft SQL Server and how we can develop a bespoke database for your business. Call, email or request a call back.