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Power Pivot

Power Pivot
Crunch millions of records in an instant, produce reports that impress, and make sense out of your data. We will help you make reporting a less laborious and time consuming task, saving you hours or even days of your time. We specialise in Power Pivot, Power BI, SQL Server Reporting Service, OLAP Cubes, and Excel.
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Power Pivot Consultancy Services

We all like Excel – it’s flexible, powerful, and easy to use.

But what happens when your requirements outgrow the standard Excel functionality? For instance when you need to import, analyse, and manipulate large volumes of data or when you need to share a report concurrently with your colleagues. Problems start to arise. Excel can become slow, even unstable.

This is when an additional Excel component called Power Pivot comes into play!

Power Pivot is designed to provide optimum performance from standard Excel when importing large amounts of data even from multiple sources. Power Pivot allows you to amalgamate large volumes of data into Excel, tap into useful analytical information and share data models quickly and easily.

Our consultants have years of experience working with Power Pivot. We can help you use Power Pivot to create powerful, sophisticated reports and models that wouldn’t be possible using Excel alone.

With Power Pivot, your standard Excel data can be transformed into interactive reports. From creating relationships between tables and specifying hierarchies to creating KPIs, charts and tables, this is data modelling and analytics far beyond what you have witnessed before using Excel alone, and because it’s a Microsoft solution it remains easy for you to share these analyses with your colleagues.

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Why Inventica?

Our Services

Our consultants can help you to get more out of Power Pivot:

  • We’ll help you to determine if Power Pivot is the best fit for your needs, and suggest an alternative solution if it’s not
  • We can design customised reports tailored to your requirements
  • We can train your people and give them the skills they need to perform data summarisation and analysis, on demand, with Power Pivot
  • We can make and implement data shaping recommendations
  • We provide ongoing consultation on both an ad-hoc and retained basis

If you’re ready to roll out Power Pivot, need some advice regarding your existing use of Power Pivot, or just want to learn more, then please call or email our consultants to arrange a no obligation discussion.