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Database Support

Database Support
Inventica provides a range of database support services designed to give you the peace of mind that your data is safe, even if the worst should happen. We provide ad-hoc and contract based support, including out of hours and emergency response for Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and reporting.
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Data is one of your most precious and valuable assets. Sales reports, marketing spend, online transactions, the data you accumulate every day is vital for planning and to measure performance.

Your database systems require maintenance and periodic support to keep up to speed and stay in working order.

Many businesses could cease to exist if they experienced a catastrophic failure or if they lost all their data

Inventica provides a range of database support services. Solutions that give you the peace of mind that your data is safe, even if the worst should happen.

Our data specialists will help you understand the risks of data loss and prepare disaster recovery and contingency plans to suit your needs. Our range of bespoke database support services includes the following:

  • Troubleshooting and bug fixing existing Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access databases
  • Investigating and resolving SQL and Access database performance bottlenecks
  • Upgrading earlier versions of Microsoft Access and SQL server databases to Microsoft Access 2016
  • Migrating Access ADP databases to Access 2013/2016 ODBC
  • Upsizing Microsoft Access databases to Microsoft SQL Server
  • Migrating on premise databases to the cloud
  • Access and SQL server database integration with third party systems and services
  • Data extraction, data import, and data cleansing services
  • General database health checks and auditing
  • Data loss prevention
  • Database stress testing

Our support engineers can help you with every aspect of database maintenance and troubleshooting.

We offer free initial database surveys after which we will provide you with our analysis and a detailed estimate for any work required.

Database support can be provided on-site or remotely. When we need a copy of your database for troubleshooting purposes we will first provide you with data anonymising tools to mask any sensitive data before we take it offsite. This way, all your sensitive data remains protected. We take great care to ensure your sensitive data is protected with data anonymity tools and use best practise confidentiality and data protection procedures.

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Why Inventica?

How our database support services work

Step one: When you commission Inventica to carry out support and maintenance, we’ll first create a copy of your database in our secure staging environment. This means all changes, fixes, and improvements will be made on our network first, without any disruption to your operations.

Step two: We will demonstrate the result on our network before applying changes to your production environment. Before we change your live database, we will create a full backup to ensure that all your systems remain operational should something go wrong.

Step three: Your live database will be updated to reflect the changes with no disruption to your business.

We offer flexible terms for database support services. Choose from ad-hoc support charged at a standard hourly rate with no ongoing commitment or a monthly support contract.

An ad-hoc database support arrangement will typically suit businesses with smaller systems that are relatively stable and do not require many improvements. Customers with larger, more complex systems, with many users, who cannot afford any downtime and require ongoing database and user support, will get much better value out of our fixed support contracts.

Why choose Inventica?

  • We offer flexible database support arrangements – with on demand and monthly support contracts you can choose a service that best suits your business needs
  • We have extended support hours 07:00 am until 11:00pm Monday to Saturday, including public holidays
  • We offer onsite, remote access, email and telephone support services
  • Our fee structure is always upfront, clear, sensible and transparent
  • We support all versions of Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server databases
  • We employ experienced database support engineers with 10+ years in the industry
  • We are trusted by the world’s largest businesses and government organisations
  • We are fully insured

Contact us now to discuss your database support requirements.