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Custom Database Reporting

Custom Database Reporting
Crunch millions of records in an instant, produce reports that impress, and make sense out of your data. We will help you make reporting a less laborious and time consuming task, saving you hours or even days of your time. We specialise in Power Pivot, Power BI, SQL Server Reporting Service, OLAP Cubes, and Excel.
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Having insightful, accurate, on-demand database reporting is a business critical, must-have requirement nowadays. It’s an essential tool for providing up to the minute information, for driving flexible, informed, decision making.

Inventica creates custom database reporting solutions which are tailor made to fit with your processes and to your requirements, making it easy for you to extract the information you need, when you need it.

We use a variety of professional database reporting tools, such as Power BI, Tableau, and SQL Server Reporting Services which turn number crunching and data analysis into a simple task. Our approach to providing business intelligence puts the needs of our customers at the heart of the process producing reports that are designed to deliver the right data, in the right format, from the ground up.

Our bespoke database reporting services include:

  • Creating custom reports in Excel based on templates supplied by you
  • Populating Word and Excel documents with data from SQL Server and Access databases, SAP, SharePoint and other data sources
  • Creating interactive web based reports that can be customised by users
  • Data mining, aggregation, and analysis
  • Automatic reporting and report subscriptions
  • PowerPoint output
  • Report performance optimisation
  • Macro development and troubleshooting
  • Data cleansing and merging from different data sources

We use only premium, proven, database reporting technologies. Our insistence on only using best in class products means that your reporting solutions will be future proofed and easily adapted as your business evolves and your needs change. Contact us and discover more about our approach to database reporting.

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Why Inventica?

Power BI

Powerful tools, pre-built dashboards, and easy access from desktop or mobile devices makes Power BI one of the most popular solutions for database reporting.

With 360-degree visibility across core business metrics and real time updates for up to the moment insight, Power BI business analytics interfaces seamlessly with all your favourite business apps for big picture thinking and reporting.

Power BI is rich in features and using bespoke report authoring we can create for you customised reporting and analytics which will give you a complete view of your business or sections of it. There are no limits to reporting capability either.

We can create reports and dashboards that bring together distinctly different streams of data for instance from different databases and web services to create intelligent and informative visualisations of all your data.

Reports aren’t always for your eyes only and you’ll need to print and share reports with different members of your organisation. With automatic data updates built in, our report systems ensure that all stakeholders can have the latest data at their fingertips. This means that on the spot, important decisions can be made safe in the knowledge that the source data is the very latest available.

Want to find out more about putting Power BI to work as your reporting system? Contact us now for more information, and see examples from our portfolio.


Ultra-powerful and totally intuitive Tableau will unleash the knowledge contained in your data.

With powerful data discovery and reporting functionality, Tableau makes connecting data, creating compelling visualisation reports, and creating sharable dashboards packed with interactive features a stress free experience. It works the way your people think. With no complex IT knowledge required Tableau can empower your people to really understand their data and make better informed business decisions.

Tableau is both efficient and scalable, and capable of performing the most complex of analytical queries and after consultation we will create the custom database reports that you want as you want them.

Tableau dashboards can be shared in the cloud or in the office, meaning big data is no longer unwieldy or imposing.

Contact us to find out more about big data and small deployments and how Tableau can transform your database reporting.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

If you’ve chosen Microsoft SQL Server for your custom database needs, you may already have heard about SQL Server Reporting Systems (SSRS). Regardless of whether you’re new to this database reporting tool or a seasoned pro, Inventica can help you to extract the best possible performance with custom reports tailored to your precise needs.

SSRS integrates seamlessly with its partner tools, including SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Use SSAS SQL Server Analysis to build databases when large amounts of data need to be quickly analysed and SSIS when you need to connect with data sources outside of the SQL Server infrastructure. SSRS is the final piece of the puzzle – SQL Server Reporting Systems creates, publishes, and shares reports from these joined up systems, both on the web and via a mobile app.

Inventica can help you make sense of these disparate technologies and tools and put SSRS to work for you. Whether you need to publish reports to a specific server or to a SharePoint site, our expert team will handle the logistics and the technology to give you precisely the reporting system you need, fully leveraging all that SSRS has to offer.

Report processes can be scheduled to be performed automatically and you can access reports on-demand or export the finished product to external sources such as Microsoft Excel.

However you envisage your SQL Server Database Reports working. Whether you need a solution designed from the ground up or amendments made to your existing set-up, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.