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Database solutions for medium sized organisations

Database solutions for medium sized organisations
No matter how big or small your business we have the expertise to change the way you work with data. Whether you require a small database in Access, or a complex Microsoft SQL Server based system integrated with SAP, our database developers will turn your idea into a finished product.
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Database Solutions for Medium-Sized Businesses

We work with medium sized businesses across a number of industries and service sectors and understand the challenges they face.

For instance, finding an off the shelf product that can cope with multiple data sources spread across various locations which perhaps require different user access credentials, and the enforcement of various access restrictions is unlikely. If you factor in ease of use and low cost of ownership, very unlikely indeed, and why in this kind of situation a customised database tailored to your exact requirements is an essential and often more cost effective tool.

Off the shelf software licensing can become a major expenditure, and is often unnecessary if many of your staff do not require all the bells and whistles offered by cloud systems such as Salesforce for example.

Our custom database designs keep costs down and you also benefit from our extensive code library, best practice methodology, and a process-driven deployment.

We use scalable, powerful, highly functional database technologies, and reporting software, including Microsoft SQL Server Database, Microsoft Azure Cloud, Power Pivot, Tableau, and Power BI. With more than 10+ years of experience our team know that taking the time to get under the skin of our client’s businesses is the only way to deliver innovative and appropriate solutions that really do improve efficiencies and help to increase profitability.

Data mobility is a hot topic at the moment. Changes to working practices over recent years have led to an increasingly mobile workforce, working from client premises, out of different offices at different times, and from home means that the days of everyone residing in one geographical location are long gone for many of us.

Businesses nowadays are interested in software that’s customised to their exact business requirements and solutions that can provide the advantages of a cloud infrastructure providing 24/7 mobile availability.

In order to service those needs we have developed a range of bespoke cloud databases and applications based around Microsoft SQL Azure and a cloud business intelligence service called Power BI.

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Why Inventica?

Working with Microsoft SQL Server Databases

Microsoft SQL Server databases are extremely powerful and very flexible to work with. A bespoke SQL database can handle thousands of users and has the capacity to store and serve queries on terabytes of data. Microsoft SQL server is our preferred development platform for our medium-sized business solutions. It ensures that we can deliver an agile product that saves you time, increases your efficiency, and offers robust, shareable business intelligence and data visualisation.

Whatever your requirements we’ll work with you and guide you towards finding the best fit technology solution for you. We’ll assess your data storage and bandwidth requirements, adopt all your current security measures, and advise you if we believe additional measures are necessary. We’ll also handle integration of third party apps, implement the right reporting and data visualisation tools, and create custom report designs if needed.

Depending on your requirements we can show you relevant projects from our database portfolio to help you visualise what your future database will look and perform like, and ensure that every eventuality has been considered.

Our database development specialists can advise you on the planning and implementation of cloud based infrastructures, including:

  • Migrating and upsizing existing on premises database systems to Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Creating a Cloud SQL Database as a service
  • Overcoming existing SQL database performance issues
  • Configuring remote database access and data security
  • Data replication and disaster recovery
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehousing
  • Building database applications including web and mobile/tablet

Cloud computing is undoubtedly the future for most businesses mobile requirements and by moving or creating your bespoke database in a cloud your business will benefit from leveraging the latest technologies available while reducing the total cost of ownership.

We can also advise on bridging your local area network resources with Microsoft Azure cloud to enable integration with on premise Active Directory and local server resources.

Why use Inventica?

  • We have an extensive portfolio of projects which prove that we deliver on our promises
  • You benefit from our large custom code library
  • We’re pioneers in Microsoft Azure SQL and have been using Cloud SQL databases since service inception
  • We use agile project management methodology and all our projects are managed by a single designated account manager
  • We’re experts in Access/Excel and Microsoft Azure SQL integration
  • We use only best of breed database technologies
  • All our development work comes with a lifetime code warranty
  • Our future proofed solutions come with a range of support options
  • We offer competitive rates

If you’d like to find out more about Inventica, how our database designers can make your business information technologies more streamlined and increase your operational efficiency, call us on 0207 394 3050 to book an interactive WebEx session with one of our specialists.