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Database Consultancy

Database Consultancy
Our mission is to help you make sense out of your data. Our database consultants will help you identify your business requirements and find the best database solution for you.
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During the last decade we have delivered successful database projects to over 200 customers ranging from small businesses to large well-known corporate clients.

Every database project is a learning experience both for the customer, and for us. There is no effective one size fits all in the database world which is why we try to learn as much as we can about how our customers’ businesses work in order to help us to design systems that fulfil and often exceed our customers’ expectations.

A successful database project is best built by developing a full understanding of just what the client’s needs and objectives are before starting work which is why we dig deep into the details of our customers’ business processes, and infrastructure so that we understand how users interact with each other and how processes are connected. This is key to creating an efficient database system and forms the heart of our approach to database consulting.

Inventica’s database consultancy services are designed to deliver best fit solutions to business managers and decision makers who do not want just another IT system. We design solutions that help our clients become more effective, more competitive, and more successful.

What our customers are saying

Why Inventica?

The database consultancy process

Our consultants will guide you every step of the way. We’ll help you to look at existing processes from a different perspective and try to broaden horizons. Our mission is not just to give you a functional database but to create a flexible, scalable solution that will become the knowledgebase of your business.

Our tried and tested approach uses the following framework to create an overall understanding of what is required to adapt, reform, transform or even revolutionise your handing of data:

  • Prepare an analysis of the customers’ business requirements through goal discussion with project stakeholders
  • Creation of user stories
  • Examination of existing data acquisition, storage, management, and reporting systems
  • Documentation of process flows
  • Identification of main database entities and the relationships between entities
  • Researching a suitable database building technology
  • Analysis of reporting requirements
  • Breakdown of required integration with third party systems and services
  • Preparation of database project documentation and wireframes
  • Analysis of hardware, software, and network requirements
  • Performing stress tests and real life scenario simulations
  • Creation of proof of concept and future database prototypes

Why choose Inventica?

  • We have more than 10 years of professional experience in building database systems using Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server
  • We take an agile approach to project management methodology
  • We have a massive portfolio of completed database systems to pick and choose from
  • We have extensive experience in database integration with third party systems and services, including SAP, SharePoint, SAGE ERP 500, QuickBooks, MailChimp, and Survey Monkey
  • Ready to get started? Contact our database consultants today to discuss your ideas and hear ours.