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Cloud database development

Cloud database development
Are you looking to access the latest technology with minimal upfront investment? We will help you design and implement flexible, scalable and cost effective database solutions to meet your requirements. We have extensive experience in cloud database design based on Microsoft Azure SQL cloud.
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Delivering flexible, cloud-based solutions

What is a cloud database?

A cloud database is a database hosted and managed by a service provider which typically runs on a cloud computing platform and is accessed over the Internet.

In return for a regular fee the customer gets the use of a managed database without the uncertainty and headaches of one off hardware and software costs and software and hardware upgrade costs. Support for both the infrastructure and database is reduced and short term projects or the premature termination of projects impact less heavily both on your time and cost. In short, budgeting is made much easier and clearer.

Using the cloud to host your database allows customers of any size to leverage cost, time, and enterprise class benefits:

  • Regular hardware and software upgrades at no extra cost
  • Redundancy, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery solutions
  • No extra software licensing or licence management
  • Ability to upsize and downsize the services as and when needed
  • Integration with other third party services
  • High availability
  • 24/7 support and service monitoring

Hosting a database in a cloud is not a one size fits all solution but used intelligently it can allow smaller organisations to access technology previously only really available to larger organisations due to their complexity and cost, and thereby gain smoother, better, less time wasting operations and competitive advantage.

Cloud database hosting is not for everybody. You may not want to host the database in a cloud in cases where you store sensitive data, especially when contractual obligations preclude its use, or when your database must access other resources on your office network, or when you have a slow or unreliable Internet connection.

We have extensive experience of working with the two most popular cloud computing platforms for database hosting: Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Our database specialists can assess your requirements and help guide you to make an informed decision about whether cloud database hosting is the right choice for your business, and if it is, we can help you choose the right hosting environment and service subscription.

Our cloud database consultancy service can help you face the following challenges:

  • Moving on premise SQL and Access databases to a cloud environment
  • Creating data backup and disaster recovery plans and configuring geo-redundant data replication
  • Integrating reporting services such as Power BI and Tableau
  • Optimising cloud database performance
  • Protecting your data

One of the advantages of having a database in a cloud is the ability to try the service before committing. Using a 30-day trial subscription, customers can install their database and test it for a month before making the decision to switch.

What our customers are saying

Why Inventica?

Managed cloud databases for SMEs

Our SME clients are increasingly concerned about data mobility – as a business grows, employee numbers increase, and often new offices and locations are introduced. When this happens, software licensing, IT infrastructure, and database costs can soar if the appropriate technology isn’t implemented. Inventica specialises in creating scalable solutions to alleviate those concerns.

When you’re starting out, a small, cloud database and CRM solution such as Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce which costs an average of say £40 per user/month seems affordable but with 200+ users those costs can increase considerably.

Many users do not require all the functionality provided by these systems and in this case solutions tailored to individual business requirements, coupled with cloud computing can be a very convenient and cost-effective answer.

Inventica has developed a range of bespoke cloud databases and applications built around SQL Azure Database from Microsoft and a cloud business intelligence service called Power BI.

We are specialists in Microsoft Azure database development. We can design, plan and implement suitable, scalable, and affordable cloud based infrastructures, including:

  • Migrating and upsizing existing on premise database systems to Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Creating a cloud SQL database as a service
  • Overcoming existing SQL database performance issues
  • Configuring remote database access and data security
  • Data replication and disaster recovery
  • Microsoft Azure SQL data warehousing
  • Building database applications for web, mobile or tablet access

Why Inventica?

There are lots of reasons that our clients chose Inventica for their Microsoft Azure SQL cloud projects. Here are just a few:

  • We were pioneers in Microsoft Azure SQL development. We have been using cloud-based SQL since the service inception
  • We are experts in Microsoft Access, Excel and Microsoft Azure SQL integration
  • Our rates are very competitive
  • A lifetime code warranty on all development work comes as standard
  • We offer flexible support contracts and ad-hoc support packages

Are you ready to take your first step towards an Microsoft Azure database solution and start working in the cloud? Call 0207 394 3050 to get in touch with our Microsoft Azure and cloud database experts.