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Access Database Development

Access Database Development
We live and breathe Microsoft Access database development. For assistance with any queries you have related to Microsoft Access including troubleshooting, performance, reporting, integration, conversion, upsizing, or upgrading, call us now on 0207 394 3050. Whatever your question – we have the answer.
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Microsoft Access has the four attributes we believe are must haves when choosing a database technology:


It’s an ideal database platform for smaller organisations or for departmental use in larger organisations where the total number of concurrent users is unlikely to exceed 30 and where no more than 2GB of data is stored.

Microsoft Access seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, Word, and Outlook and it’s user-friendly too. Our clients soon discover that the main advantage of having a bespoke Microsoft Access database is the simplicity it brings to everyday acquisition, processing, management, and presentation of information.

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Why Inventica?

The benefits of having your database developed in Microsoft Access

  1. Access is one of the most affordable database technologies on the market for an SME.

    Organisations are not required to purchase Microsoft Access or Microsoft Office Professional licenses to run a database using Access — all you need to run an Access database is the Microsoft Access Runtime, which is free for commercial use. You only pay for having your database developed, with no restrictions.

  2. Microsoft Access development cycles are much shorter than other technologies.

    Access databases can be developed much faster than alternatives, such as .NET, C, or Java. This means that you don’t have to wait for months before you can start using your database and your development costs are going to be lower than with any other technology on the market.

  3. Access has a gentle learning curve.

    Many users who are familiar with Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel and Word will find a Microsoft Access database very intuitive and easy to use. Training time is usually minimal allowing your staff to start using their new database effectively straightaway.

  4. There are minimal network infrastructure requirements when you choose Access.

    There is no need for servers or complex networks — An Access Database can run on a Windows based workstation and can be deployed in no time at all.

  5. There are excellent data reporting tools to choose from.

    With Microsoft Access it is possible to produce impressive reports instantly in Power Point, Word, or Excel, making it easy for you to visualise your data.

  6. Microsoft Access offers outstanding support.

    This option is supported by one of the biggest software corporations in the world — Microsoft.

  7. The database is easy to maintain and support.

    A Microsoft Access database is easy to maintain and support and there are plenty of skilled professionals with Access experience.

  8. An Access database will grow with your business

    Microsoft Access databases can be quickly and easily upsized to Microsoft SQL Server if you require more features or greater performance.

We offer a full range of Access database development services including:

  • New Microsoft Access database design
  • Functional improvements to an existing Access database, including earlier versions, such as 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, or 2010
  • Access database performance improvements
  • Access database reports
  • Database recovery and troubleshooting
  • Upgrading an Microsoft Access database to Microsoft SQL Server
  • Migrating Access data projects ADP applications to the ODBC model
  • Integration of an existing database with third party software and services

Whether you are looking to design a new or enhance an existing Microsoft Access database – our London based specialists will be able to help you. Contact us now on 0207 394 3050 to discuss your requirements.

Why choose Inventica?

  • We live and breathe Microsoft Access database development
  • We have a massive portfolio of completed projects
  • We have a huge code library of Microsoft Access components built over more than 10 years in business
  • We have extensive experience in integrating databases developed in Microsoft Access with third party systems and services, including VoIP telephone systems, SMS messaging services, email, barcode scanners and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
  • We offer a quick turnaround
  • Sensible rates
  • All our work comes with a lifetime code warranty
  • Every database comes with a video training kit and user training at Inventica offices as standard