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  • Windows Azure
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • VMWare
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Access Database Consultancy

Microsoft Access DevelopmentMicrosoft Access is an ideal database platform for smaller organisations, or for departmental use, in larger organisations where the total number of concurrent users is unlikely to exceed 30, and no more than 2GB of data is stored.  MS Access seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, Word and Outlook, and it’s user-friendly too..

Find out more about the benefits of using Microsoft Access Database platform.

At Inventica, we offer a full range of Database Design services using the latest Microsoft Access 2010/2013 technology:

  • New Access database design
  • Functional improvements to an existing Access Database, including earlier versions such as 2000/XP/2003/2007
  • Access Database performance improvements
  • Access Database Reports
  • Database recovery and troubleshooting
  • Upgrading an Access Database to Microsoft SQL Server and ADP
  • Integration of an existing database with third party software and services

Whether you are looking to design a new or enhance an existing Access database – our London based database specialists will be able to help with all your database development queries. Please contact us on 0207 394 3050 to discuss your Access Database Design requirements.

Bespoke Database Design can be complex business, but by breaking it down into a small number of structured manageable stages, and guiding you step by step throughout, we strive to take as much pain out of the process as possible.

Step 1) Defining database requirements

A dedicated project manager will work closely with you in order to define your exact requirements, what tasks your bespoke Access database should perform, and how.

We will demonstrate similar databases that we have in our code library to help you to decide on the look, and functionality of your bespoke Access database.

Your requirements will be then consolidated into a single document, your “Custom Access Database Requirements Specification”. This document will enable us to give you an accurate, detailed estimate for your project.

Step 2) User interface design

Our next task will be to design the graphical user interface for your Access database, and submit the screenshots to you for comments before starting the development work.

Having something tangible in front of you at this early stage will help you to spot possible problems, and discover requirements that may have been missed from the original specification.

Step 3)Database Development

We commence the development process as soon as all your requirements have been clarified, and we are clear about the database we are expected to deliver. The database will be developed on our staging server. You will have remote access to this server so that you can see the progress of your database as it is being developed. This will also enable us to collaborate more efficiently, and clarify details as the work progresses.

Step 4) First Database release (Alpha Version)

Once your Access database has reached alpha, you will be invited to view a demonstration either at our offices or remotely / over the phone. At this stage you will be able to test core database components, interface functionality, and provide feedback.

Step 5) Second Database release (Beta Version)

Our development team will work on your feedback from the alpha version, make any necessary improvements, and fix any bugs found in the alpha version. We will then release a beta version of the database, and invite you to another demonstration.

Step 6) Database installation on your network

When are you satisfied with the look, and functionality of your bespoke Access database, it’s ready to be installed on your network. Deploying your Access database to users is a straightforward process that usually takes a few hours, and doesn’t require any modifications to your network environment. You can choose whether you would like us to install the database for you, or we can provide instructions to your IT department.

Step 7) User training

It’s important for users to have faith in the new database from day one, and to make them comfortable working with it on a day-to-day basis. In this final part of our service we produce a training video which explains to your users how to use the new database, and if necessary, we can in addition organise training sessions at our training facility in London.

Contact our technical team to find out more about Access database development process

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